Orlando, FL

Cast: Joshua Hurtado, Sean Rice, Meera Aggarwal, Toni Bonaccorso, Greg Coleman

Low Rider is a five-friend improv team founded in Orlando, FL in 2018, and the founders of Hotsauce, a showcase that helped develop the Orlando independent improv scene. The current lineup is Josh Hurtado, Toni Bonaccorso, Greg Coleman, Sean Rice, and Meera Aggarwal. We specialize in creating a unique, interconnected universe during our performances, highlighting our chemistry, diverse characters, and captivating storylines to delight the audience. Our regular gigs include the Hotsauce showcase in Orlando, and we've also performed at festivals like the Tampa Bay Improv Festival and the Del Close Marathon. A note on the video submission — you can catch our performance in the video starting around minute 22, and stay tuned for our upcoming December show recording.