To Orlando, with Love

Hello Improvisers!

Moving to Orlando we’ve noticed a few things. It’s inspired us to “yes, and” what we already see happening.

Improv communities in and around Orlando demonstrate a commitment to the artform and each other. From captivating shows to fostering community through jams and classes, your dedication is inspiring. It’s this unity that inspired us to create The O-Town Improv Festival!

The O-Town Improv Festival is not just an event; it’s an embodiment of the passion and camaraderie that define this community. By improvisers, for improvisers – our festival aims to be a reflection of you.

Anthony, Marisa, Justin and Kelly have been working together for years to help put on great festivals across Florida. Combined we have helped produce over 20 festivals and to put it delicately we are STUPID PUMPED for this.

Our mission: to shine a spotlight on the incredible talent within the Orlando improv community and surrounding communities while crafting a space that’s warm, inviting, and inspiring for both performers and audiences.

Shows, workshops, jams, unique collaborations, improv for kids, improv for special needs, and yes, after parties! It’s time we come together to celebrate with each other, network, collaborate, and enjoy each other’s company and show the rest of the world how we do improv in the city beautiful.

This festival is meant to complement the other festivals and organizations that also support improv in and around the Orlando area. We look forward to amplifying your work and message.

With each step we take in preparing for this festival, our respect for your hard work is the main focus. Everyone is welcome and invited to submit their teams. From the small indie teams to the big theaters.

We invite you to join us in making The O-Town Improv Festival something wonderful that contributes to fueling your passion.

Anthony, Marisa, Justin, Kelly, and the rest of the OTIF Team