Orlando, FL

Cast: Jamie Black, Jose Rodriguez, Jenni McIntire, Richard Paul

Hello, from OFFSIDES Improv. We are all about embracing life and the tales that come with being human. Our joy stems from seeing others enjoy themselves. Our mission since meeting at SAK Comedy Lab and forming in 2004? To share our unique blend of gifts—empathy, humor, and play—with our audience and the wider world. We aim to capture the genuine, funny, touching, and purely human moments. In 2017 we faced a moment of profound change—a chapter where we lost one of our founders, Greg Yates. Yet, within this challenge, our group forged an even tighter bond. In honoring Greg’s legacy, we continue to weave stories that reflect the beauty and humor found in life. The laughter we share is not just a momentary escape; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of camaraderie that defines OFFSIDES Improv. OFFSIDES Improv-Because life is not a spectator sport. Always offsides; never out of bounds.