The Witches of OTown

Boston MA, Portland OR, San Francisco CA

Cast: Deana Criess, Diana Brown, Betse Green

You’re invited to our Slumber Party! Brave topics, genuine friendship, onesie pajamas! What is something you’d tell your middle school age self? Betse Green, Diana Brown and Deana Criess explore that question in this fast-paced, sometimes silly, sometimes raw, character-driven romp. Slumber Party features three of the country’s most sought after improv performers/teachers, with special guests from the fest popping in to share the fun. The audience is invited to join us as we re-visit our younger selves and play with the hilarity to be found in the awkward discovery of who we are and how we fit into the larger world. Confessions, advice, stories, flashbacks, all discovered live with the audience. Onesies, blankets and pillows are encouraged as we all get comfy and settle in for the journey inside the minds of three young people trying to figure it all out.