Crazy Hot Buys

730 Sand Lake Rd Suite 106, Orlando, FL 32809

@crazyhotbuys Get ready for the hottest deal of the season! This Friday, Crazy Hot Buys is bringing you the ultimate $10 Day all Amazon products liquidated we will be doubling up even more !!!πŸ“ Location: 730 Sand Lake rd suite 106B Orlando,FL 32809 ⏰ Store hours: 9AM-8PM! πŸ“ž Questions? Give us a call at 407-440-3898 Hurry in and be a part of the craziest shopping experience in town! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Crazy Hot Buys !! Largest Amazon overstock liquidator in the country !!!!!! #liquidation #amazon #overstock #amazonfinds #wow #luggage #travel #amazonfinds ♬ original sound – CRAZY HOT BUYS

Is it overwhelming and much too much? Absolutely, but you find the best stuff.

Recommended by: Marisa

So where do all those Amazon returns go? Well, sometimes it ends up at Crazy Hot Buys. This is an absolutely mess of a liquidation store, with some super fun finds.

Crazy Hot Buys is a liquidation store, which means that everything is listed at the same price, regardless of the product.Β The store’s prices change daily, with prices ranging from $20 on Fridays to $3 on Thursdays. Just be prepared- there is an upcharge to use a card and the sifting through stuff will take time.

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